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Blue Heaven Kajal Eyeliner

Promotion Price : RM7.00
Do you wonder how to get smokey eyes?
Do your wonder how their eyeliner look so black, sexy and exotic?
Get sexy smokey eyes today!
Very black color!
Use it to create those sexy smokey eyes!
* Beautifies, smooth and cools the eyes.
* Easy to apply and to carry around.
* Does not smudge easily, restraint to perspiration.
* Medically safe, has no side effects.
* Longer lasting.
How to use:
Hold parallel to your lower eyelid and apply with one light stroke.
You may repeat for a darker, more lustrous dramatic effect or refine by removing excess with a tissue or cotton bud.
To make small eyes look bigger put only 1/2 lenght starting from middle to the outer corner of eye.
Kajal is one of the most popular makeup appliances worn by women.
They enhance the eyes, make them look bigger and lend a much defined look to the face.
Even if you wear no makeup but just line your eyes with kajal, you will look a lot of different.
Tutorial how to use: