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Egyptian Magic Cream - Celebrities Choice

The People's Choice5g Jar - RM9.00
10g - RM14.00
15g - RM20.00
20g - RM28.00
Full Size 4oz (118ML)

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic is a phenomenal all-purpose healing balm with legendary healing powers due to it's unique mixture of all natural ingredients derived only from living plants and organisms. It has been on the market since August 1991 with a solid track record, a loyal word of mouth following, and twice the healing power for half the price of conventional skin creams.

Fans of the cream include Madonna, Kate Hudson and Michelle Trachtenberg.

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream "The People's Choice" is made with the blessings and guidance of our ancestors and with the following pure ingredients: olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis.

Egyptian Magic probably has garnered more kudos in the fashion press than any comparable product in the world. From Japan to Australia to Europe and the US, the Fashion Press agrees that Egyptian Magic is a "must-have" beauty and skin care product.

It improves your complexion, heals scars, relieves many skin ailments, leaves your hair with a lustrous sheen and more.

“Brooke Shield’s Beauty Secret”“There’s this product called Egyptian Magic—you can put it on cuts, you can put it on your hair, you can put it on your eyes.”

TV Fashion Host Rachel Zoe"My advice…use it as a moisturizer to help extend your summer tan into fall."

Model Lizzy Jagger & Egyptian Magic“All natural, good, old-fashioned everything cream... It’s the only beauty product I couldn’t live without.”

Model & Heiress Lydia Hearst"Lately I'm obsessed with Egyptian Magic..."

Kate Hudson's Beauty Secrets
Egyptian Magic is one of her “Big Night Beauty Tricks” according to Hudson's hairdresser...

Best of 2003: Egyptian Magic
"...Egyptian Magic, a healing balm used by everyone from recovering surgery patients to pop divas (Madonna won't leave home without it) is one of those hokey miracle cures that actually works... "

Egyptian Magic: Madonna’s Secret"...I couldn't believe three hours later that my grated heels where like new! I was enchanted with such a balm..."

Runway To Real Way: Model Behavior
"Karolina Kurkova can't live without Egyptian Magic..."

It's an all purpose cream that has over 40 uses:

eczema and psoriasistreatment
skin moisturiser and beauty cream

make up remover

cuts and scrapes
lip balm to moisturizer
breakouts and pimples
blisters and burns

diaper and skin rash

chicken pox and stretch marks


athlete's foot


insect bites

cold sores

chapped lips

massage oil and massage lotion

natural hair conditioner

leg and facial hair
shaving cream

dry and itchy scalp
vaginal moisturizer
aromatherapy and clear up foot odor

hot oil treatment... and much, much more!

Suggested Use:

Take moderate amount and rub in your palms until it takes the form of oil. (It helps the skin absorb effectively) Apply over your skin gently.

Egyptian Magic Cream

For more information:

Skin Care Moisturizer & Beauty Cream
People often start using Egyptian Magic to solve a skin problem such as a rash or burn or scar, and then continue using it as a skin moisturizer and as an anti-wrinkle skin care cream. We find that using it twice a day does wonders for creating soft, smooth skin. And this, of course, is one of the key reasons Egyptian Magic is so popular among the fashion and movie industry as a beauty cream for face and skin care.
Healing Burns & Treating Cuts and Scrapes
Many of our customers keep an extra jar of Egyptian Magic in their first aid kit exclusively as a treatment for burns, scrapes, skin irritations and the like. Since Egyptian Magic will stay fresh indefinitely, you can store it for an extended period of time without concern for it losing effectiveness.

Healing Scars
Many of our customers have commented on Egyptian Magic's "magical" ability to heal scars. Although we don't recommended it for older scars, Egyptian Magic can indeed work wonders to heal relatively recent scars and skin discolorations. Egyptian Magic is popular among many plastic surgeons, who recommend it to their patients for accelerating the healing of plastic surgery scars.

Natural Hair Conditioner
For many of our customers, one of the most delightful discoveries is how beneficial Egyptian Magic can be as a moisturizing hair conditioner - either on a regular basis or as a conditioning hot pack. Egyptian Magic's all-natural ingredients will restore luster to your hair and replenish its natural oils. Here is an article in People Magazine about how actor Carlos Barnard uses it for hair care, and here is a great testimonial from Lena of London about using Egyptian Magic to control the "frizzies."