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Korea Charcoal Natural Face Mask

5g Jar : RM1.30
Full Size 80g : RM10.00 only!

Weight : 80g
Made in Korea

When environmental toxins, dirt and debris get under your skin, its waste-filtering system gets jammed, pores get clogged, skin looks cloudy. This Charcoal mask remove blackheads, those tiny facial hairs and also tighten your pores.

How To Use:

1. After cleansing, gently spread and apply evenly over cleansed, dry face. Avoid the eyes, lips, and eye brows area.
2. After the mask has dried (around 20-30mins), you can easily peel off that layer starting from the bottom going upward.
3. Then apply your usual toner or moisturiser.

With the natural power of charcoal, it reaches deep down and cleanses your pores of all the dirt and oils from the day, leaving your skin nice and refreshed. Suitable for either oily or combination skin. Ideally to be used once a week only.

It is said that charcoal powder is one of the traditional raw ingredients that Japanese women use to nourish their skin over the centuries. It is economical yet effective in removing stubborn impurities & dead skin cells. Now you can harness that power of the purest charcoal extracts and use it with this great face pack from Japan.