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Crystal Lips Mask

Promotion Price RM1.80 only!
( Normal Price : RM2.00 )

* this item is being supplied to many popular beauty saloon in Taiwan.

* recommended by Beauty Queen 'Big S'

* many pop stars do this treatment in beauty saloon for high price, but of coz they have beauticians to serve them.

* with such a low cost, u can enjoy pop star's luxury.

* we always do face mask, eye mask but often forgot about the importance of lips.

* our lips can tell how old we are actually by looking at the fine lines etc.

* use this to cure dryness, moisturize, brigthen lips texture and reduce fine lines.

* just put on clean lips, 2-3 times per week, or for an extensive care, u can apply it everyday.

Main Uses:
For cracked/dry lips. Helps rejuvenate and keeps lips moisturised. Can be used even if you don't have dry lips. Gives your lips a plumping glistening effect with the added moisture.